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  1. Curriculum 21 is an excellent book. One that all of us should read. There is a related blog and frequent webinars discussing content and the process. This book is so much more than tech integration. It’s about really looking at the big picture of ed reform and how education really needs to change. I am rereading now b/c there was so much good info.

  2. I look forward to reading ‘Disrupting Class’ to glean information I may utilize to bolster the PBS initiative.

    1. I know Sally has the book and she’s read it. I know she’d be a good resource for collaborating on it. I believe all of the administrators used it for a book talk last year.

    2. Disrupting Class is not about behavior. I know the title leads you to believe this. It’s really about innovative thinking and what needs to happen to change education. It’s one of those reflective and thought-provoking books that we should all read to get our innovative thoughts going. We need to be the change.

      Here’s a synopsis:
      Christensen applies his theory of “disruptive innovation” to a much-needed evolution in educational technologies, offering new opportunities and challenges for the business community.

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